My Story

Nicole - 
I am an empath (a highly sensitive individual who has a keen ability to sense what people around them are thinking and feeling) and have long been using my gifts to help others heal and live fulfilling lives.
Together we will identify ‘where you are’ and ‘where you want to be’ and work through the obstacles/challenges to get you to that ‘next level’.  
My goal is to provide a safe and open/non-judgemental relationship with my clients and be the support/leader/friend to see you reach those goals.  
Life is meant to be fun and enjoyable – but life is ever-changing and challenging and can really wear down even the strongest.  Together we can level up to maximize our awesome lives! Let's connect soon!

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Indie Fashion Photoshoot

Our Service

At Natural Guidance we have a variety of products/services/programs that are implemented to reach the ‘next level’ for each individual or team.  Understanding the client’s current situation and variables in their life will establish a foundation or “Level 1” wellness.  From there the different tools that we have can be used to create individual goal programs with appropriate support to help get to those goals or those ‘next levels’ adjusting the program and goals as needed along the way.